WIAA Wrestling

Juana Garcia Razo

A Great but Challenging Season

This was no ordinary season for the Preble High School Hornet wrestlers. It was expected that there would be many challenges and struggles that the wrestlers would have to adapt to due to Covid-19, just like many of us as students have had to do. Some of these changes included using a mask while working out and also at meets when wrestling. “This was a hard season because some schools have been wrestling for a month longer than we have,” said Coach Ty Pelot. The Hornets crushed this season by being undefeated in the few dual meets they had.

This years regionals were on Saturday, January 30th where, “It was tougher because normally they take the top four places but because of COVID, they only took top two,” stated Coach Pelot, “Some guys only had like two, three, maybe four matches normally by that time guys would have thirty to thirty-five matches.” Three wrestlers made it to sectionals this year but, unfortunately, none of them qualified for state. Congratulations to all of this year’s wrestlers for finishing with a great undefeated season and a special congratulations to¬† Trentin Phillips who finished his senior year by placing sixth at sectionals. It has been shown that this team has worked hard and were dedicated to wrestling in the little time that they had. We are very proud and congratulate the team for their accomplishments this season. Go Hornets!