Positivity and Dealing with Stress!

5 Tips to Help Deal with Stress at School

We all have our times where it is hard to stay positive, but in the end, we all have to keep our head up high and breathe. There might be stressful things in our lives like school work, friends, and relationships at home, but there is always a solution for everything. Maybe that solution might not be there at the moment you need it, but everything happens for a reason. We have to learn from those experiences, and focus on the good things, like what to do or not to do if a similar situation happens again. Here, I am going to be covering different topics and things you can do to help those issues.

Tip number 1: Take deep breaths. According to uofmhealth.org, if you take a deep breath it will lower stress because it will send a message to your brain and it will automatically relax. Taking a deep breath might sound like an insignificant thing but sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact on you.

Tip number 2: Take breaks. If you’ve been working on homework for a long time and you get stuck, this is a good tip for that. Personally, this has been one of the best things that I have tried when I have study sessions or homework sessions after school. I have seen that these 5-10 minute breaks have helped a lot, even if it’s listening to music, stretching, or simply closing my eyes to give them a break. These breaks also apply to electronics or social media. Social media can be stressful and toxic, and yes, we can still be on our phones, but too much of anything is unhealthy, especially during this time when many students are completing school work on the computer. Our brain also gets tired from too much screen time. If we attend virtual school for 7:30 AM-3:00 PM, we need those breaks for our eyes and brain.

Tip number 3: Going on walks. Walking, exercising or doing some kind of sport for at least 15 minutes each day can also help clear your head. Doing yoga or meditating also can help since they are very calming activities.

Tip number 4: Listening to music. For me, listening to music is my escape from reality. I get lost in the lyrics and melody. It’s soothing, like when you feel warm because someone gives you a hug after a long and cold day. There are millions and millions of songs out there with different emotions and lyrics that maybe you can relate to; people tend to calm down when others understand what they’re going through. There is no better way to connect than with music.

Tip number 5: This is the last tip, spending time with family and friends. This is a HUGE help. You forget about your stresses and you enjoy the moment, whether it’s going out to eat, or going places like bowling, the mall, a movie theater (safely, of course) or just staying home to talk and be there for each other.

Let someone know how you feel, but ask them not to give their opinion since you have decided to share how you are feeling with them. It is best not to be alone when you are going through difficult and stressful times. Once in a while, it is good to have a break from people, but you should still spend time with your loved ones doing things you will all enjoy. Reach out to someone that you trust, whether it’s a teacher, parent, grandma, grandpa, cousin, friend or siblings. There is always a silver lining for everything.