Spring Play


Autumn Larsen, Co-Editer

This year’s Preble Spring Play brings to you *drum roll* The Party Hop!

This year’s play will be about 3 college girls named Ava, Emma, and Nancy. They are 3 years into quarantine and are hopping through several different virtual parties, joining one meeting to the next. During the night, two of the girls find out that the other has not had her first kiss yet! They decide that tonight is the night that changes. Unfortunately, due to their given circumstance, they can’t, so they dream on.

The Party Hop will be an all virtual play. In fact, the play was written recently to fit the virtual circumstances we are all in. When asked about play selection process, director Michael Schuh reflects, “I was hoping that we would be able to do a live show since COVID canceled our show last spring. For the most part, I was limited to what was available to stream. The Party Hop was written during COVID, and I thought, since we have to produce a virtual play, it would be cool to do a show about the times that we are in. While the play is a comedy, it does talk about what we lost in the pandemic.”

While the cast and crew are enthusiastic about this opportunity, there will be a multitude of challenges that coincide with producing a virtual play. Schuh adds, “Creating a virtual play is challenging because you have to rethink everything that you have done during a live performance. For this production, we are going to have our crews performing multiple tasks as we figure out costumes and props. With the removal of movement, we have to work with actors on facial reactions and expressions. Dealing with Zoom has its own headaches as well.” Schuh continues, “When we return next season to the stage, we are hoping to do a big show. It has been hard to build the program during COVID, but we feel that we have the ability to create and produce a fantastic online production.”

The play will consist of 8 people in the cast, including Ashlee DeGrave (SO), Sofia Olderman (SR), Kiyana Horkman (SR), Carter Barnard (SR), Marissa Blazer (JR), Libbie Pelishek (SO), Christiana Thurston (FR), Jenna Zehms (JR), and Student Director Jenessa VanCalster (JR), with a variety of people in different crews. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this unique and entertaining experience, The Party Hop is still looking for crew members and smaller casting parts with minimal commitment and can reach out to director Michael Schuh if interested.

The show is fortunate to use the streaming service, ON THE STAGE, which focuses on streaming theatrical productions. The show is scheduled to stream April 30th and May 1st at 7:00 PM. Tickets will be $7. More to come in the next issue!