DECA Sprout Initiative


Autumn Larsen, Co-Editer

The DECA Sprout Initiative is a project run by Emily Koepp (Junior) and Taylor Lahtela (Senior). The Sprout Initiative is a student-led initiative that aims to promote career development at any age by building soft skills and personal strengths. Soft skills are a combination of social, people, and communication skills. This project came to be because of the high level of digitization in today’s world. Students are missing out on valuable opportunities to build interpersonal skills. “We did some research into the effects of not being able to build soft skills at a young age, and found it could be a detriment to career development down the line,” said Emily Koepp, one of the Sprout Leaders. The goal is to help students prepare for their futures. The Sprout Initiative has gone into 4th/5th-grade classes, 7th/8th classes, and some high school classes to discuss a range of topics such as interview tips, professional dress, resume building, etc. They also have an Instagram page to reach students through social media. They have, overall, been able to reach around 2,000 students! This is only a year-long project but if there are people who would want to go to monthly meetings, that is something that they would definitely look into. Emily Koepp is only a junior so she would be more than happy to work with a new team to do something similar.
With a concluding statement, Sprout Leader Taylor Lahtela says, “I’m really proud of being a part of it [The Sprout Initiative]. I think it’s helped a lot of kids in the Green Bay Area Public School District and it’s just really fulfilling to see the impact we’ve made. Especially with the younger kids, they were always so excited to see us and participate in our activities.”