Ask A Senior


Alexis Peterson and Autumn Larsen

We have heard your queries! Here are some responses seniors Alexis Peterson and Autumn Larsen would like to provide:

1. Is it hard being a senior this year?

          Alexis- Personally, I would say yes but no. It truly depends on your learning style, resources available, and willingness to put work into your education! It’s also very nice to have a flexible schedule where you can go do something else at home during your study halls. Furthermore, I work 20-30 hours a week easily while keeping up with classwork because we are given additional time, but that’s just my preference.

          Autumn- Being a senior this year was hard. Not academically per se, but extracurricular-ly. I missed out on all of the fun and all of the traditions that come with being a senior. That has hit hard on me since that has been what I’ve looked forward to my entire high school career. I hope that before the school year is out, I am able to put my handprint up on the senior wall we do in musical in the Propstumes crew.

2. How much work do you do?

          Alexis- This really depends on what coursework you are taking. I am taking all college-level courses, so I have up to 4 hours of homework a night, including orchestra and jazz band. Atop that, it’s also dependent on what clubs you are actively involved in! I highly suggest being involved in our Academic Decathlon or Academic Competition teams! These clubs are wonderful, but can require extra work. On average, I spend about 20 hours on homework a week with this extra work, atop being one of the leaders for Link Crew and the Newspaper. If you have any questions about these groups, just send me an email.

          Autumn- I am not in any AP classes and I have 1 college credit class so I don’t have as much of a workload. I get all of my things done in the time I am given during class time. For example, I practice my orchestra music when my teacher lets us out of the meeting. I have study hall so I get a lot of work done in there. We are also blessed with Wednesdays being a full workday. So that might mean I work to get a project fully done on Wednesday instead of doing it on Thursday during study hall and classwork time. Now, I have those hours free to do what I want. It’s all really about how you manage your work and your time management and less about how much you have.

3. How’s your last year of being in high school?

          Alexis- While I am sad we are not in-person right now, I have enjoyed this year! I am blessed to contribute to our incredible Preble community by being a tutor and Link Crew leader. I also want to extend a huge “thank you” to all of the staff contributing to make sure our education is the best it can be!

          Autumn- I’m going to be honest, it’s completely sucky. There have been a lot of good moments though.

4. What is some advice to do better in school?

          Alexis- This is a wonderful question! I am an academic tutor and have seen my peers struggle a bit with their academics. But, I have given some advice to underclassmen that I would love to provide to you:
1. Sleep 8-10 hours a night! Try to avoid all-nighters, as they have been proven to ruin your mental health for 3 days after pulling one!
2. Care about your mental health! Sorry that this is stereotypical, but I feel it is my obligation as a Peer Leader. Sleep all night, meditate in breaks during the school day, write to-do lists, and go exercise. Just take care of yourself and reach out if you need anything.
3. Study hard! Try different methods of studying; i.e. flashcards, diagrams, drawings, practice problems. Science has proven changing locations during the day also helps memory, as it tricks your brain into memory.
4. Do not procrastinate! If you have an assignment due in a month, grind away at it. Don’t wait until the last minute.
5. Reach out! If you need academic help, tutors are available in every subject. Just reach out to a counselor or teacher and they will get you that resource. Who knows? Maybe I will be your tutor! If you are struggling emotionally or mentally, reach out to our Student Services. I know the staff personally and can say that they are all very kind and can help!

          Autumn- My advice would be to do everything that Alexis said and try your best to not stress out. Have a positive outlook. It makes it easier to do things better and it won’t be so taxing on your mind. While yes, a good amount of stress is likely to happen, don’t let it take over. These years are very important but they can also be the best years. A way to help with school is to manage your time well. Write down lists about what you need to do. Put it in order of importance, what needs to get done first. What do you need to work on little bit by little bit each day. Like an essay.

5. What will help me get through the year?

          Alexis- My main tip is to write out your plans for the future. Focus on what you CAN do now versus something out of your control. You have this, I believe in you.

          Autumn- Something that has helped me is to think positively and to have hopes and dreams about the future. Be excited about the next best thing. It doesn’t have to be something super big or anything. Just something you are looking forwards to. Like the next time you’ll see your friend. One of my hopes and dreams for the future is that I hope I can be a counselor at a camp that I have attended since I was 9 and I would like to make friends from there. This year has been hard on us all. We just have to persevere and hope for the best.

6. Do you have any regrets?

          Alexis- My only regret is not chasing after opportunities provided my way and not taking time to be grateful for those items and people who I had and have in my life. I BESEECH you, please take time to step back and appreciate the small things in life, it will make you a better person!

          Autumn- One of my regrets would be not putting myself out there more and making new friends. Having regrets is something I don’t like to have. They are things that happened in the past and that I can’t change. I just appreciate what I did have and what I did do and dwell on that. Regrets are things that can be dangerous to the mind. You can acknowledge that you wish you did something different but you can’t think about it all of the time. That doesn’t make you feel good and it’s almost pointless because you can’t even change what happened.