Senior Mental Health During Online Learning

Alexis Peterson and Madeline Gerondale

Coronavirus-19 has provided difficulties in the Preble learning community, as we have had to learn virtually; however, the new environment has lent us new opportunities! Upperclassmen, here are some helpful tips on how to be comfortable at home, but also remained focused during the day!
Firstly, for college applications, you must remain mindful of the deadlines. I suggest you write them down somewhere near your study space and check them off as you complete and submit the application, not forgetting to file the FAFSA (Financial Aid for Federal Student Assistance). Do not hesitate to reach out to a college or high school counselor if you have questions or need help. Also, do not procrastinate on scholarships or filing for financial aid- complete those steps as soon as possible, so you are not rushing at the last minute!
For those who have already applied, congratulations. Please work on scholarship applications, even if you are unsure if you are going to the college. Most colleges allow you to apply, regardless of if you declared them, and will give your scholarship to a different candidate if you choose a different school.
For those who are going into the workforce, congratulations as well. If you already have the career of your choice, continue on with this. For those who do not yet have that occupation, look up local businesses in the industry of choice! Reach out to them to see if you could do an intern or even get a job, get your foot in the door as soon as possible!
For those going into the military, thank you for being willing to sacrifice for the country. Be sure to check with your recruiter before making any drastic changes, such as dyeing your hair or getting tattoos, as some branches have restrictions on such drastic changes. Reach out to the area recruiter if you have any questions.