Book Review:To All The Boys I’ve Loved and the Sequel: To All The Boys – PS. I Still Love You

Serena Vang

To All The Boys I’ve Loved and the Sequel: To All The Boys – PS. I Still Love You

Let’s get one thing straight, movies and books always differ from one another. Books are lengthy and can go in-depth with their content. Movies, on the other hand, can only go in-depth to a certain extent. Movies have a time limit that books do not have.

If you ever read a book before watching the movie version, you will most likely compare both and point out everything that the movie was missing from the book. I am guilty of doing this and since there are so many books that have become movies, I have done this many times.

One of my all-time favorite book series is To All The Boys by Jenny Han. Even though the series started in 2015, I did not read it until 2017. Shortly after the third book came out, I turned 15 years old. I am well known as a bookworm, a book nerd, book geek, in love with words and books overall. After I turned 15, my sister took me to Barnes and Noble to look at books. I remember the books that I got that day, I bought two books that I already read. Before I buy a book, I check it out at the library. Something that I often did was write down the titles of the books I was interested in reading, just so I could check them out at the library. I was a broke teenager who did not have a job. Now, I’m just a broke teenager who has a job… anyway, To All The Boys was added to my list along with five other books that I planned on reading during the summer. I did end up reading all ten books on my list within three weeks. Sleepless nights full of reading and deep emotions and thoughts. I honestly miss those days and nights I spent reading nonstop. Looking out the window to see the sun and realizing that once again, I stayed up reading.

My feelings towards both the movies and the books are different. I can honestly say that I love them both; however, I love the book series more. I like the details and that the books display far more details than the movie. The second movie just came out on the 12th of February on Netflix. I think it is worth the watch and I probably will be watching it over and over again. Still, there were just a few things that had me questioning if I prefer the movie or the book more. I am fine with the fact that one of the actors was changed from the preceding film. But here’s the thing that has me a bit off about the movie… it was rushed. I think the movie could have had more potential if it was not as rushed and if it included more scenes from the book. There were scenes from the books that added to the understanding of the characters and their development. Lara Jean Covey is someone every girl can relate to. She is a relatable character for every girl. She also contributes to the reason as to why so many girls have scrunchies now.

Should you watch the movie? Yes, it is worth watching. I also recommend you read the book series as well for a deeper understanding of the storyline. If you have read the series and like Jenny Han’s writing style, check out her other books. I recommend The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy or the series she is a co-author of: the Burn to Burn trilogy, she does have other great works as well.