Importance of Diversity in Society

Alexis Peterson

America is full of many peoples groups with different religions, cultures, languages, sexualities, and ethnicities. As of late, politics have criticized certain groups, such as the rights to homosexual marriage, and the extent of freedom of religion in education. Recently, one presidential elect has become very notorious due to being openly homosexual while campaigning, even being married to another man. There have been outbursts of recent activities within the last two decades to enable all people within the United States and other countries to have the same rights, including the Feminist movement, and the legalization of homosexual marriage in certain states. These events are representative of America’s diversity- they show different groups still exist within the country. However, many debate the importance of diversity in society.

Diversity is crucial, as it provides different mindsets. To think outside of the box, someone would need to see outside of the box. With someone who lives a different culture around them, they can learn that person’s perspective, which opens the out-of-the-box mindset we need within the workforce. It also provides an opportunity for empathy to others, which can help with communication. With communication enabled, a group can work more efficiently together. And the group can also work more efficiently due to everyone having specialization in a certain skill or task, which can only be due to individuality- which is the ultimate parameter of diversity. Diversity also allows for learning- seeing a different aspect of the world can lead to more understanding of the world without needing to leave. 

We should begin celebrating diversity further! Preble has begun, with having a diverse student population represented by student groups for all. Teens for Change is a great place to focus on minorities overall, Asian Club provides insight to the Asian culture, and Diversity Leadership focuses on our school’s amazing population as a whole! Please, continue to have differences- they are what makes our school, city, state, and country so valuable.