Bullying Kills

Katelyn Johnsen

Many people commit suicide because of bullying. Bullying is being verbally, physically, or even mentally abused by another person.  This can include making threats, beating up someone, harassing, and doing many more things. Bullying is not okay.  Many of the kids being bullied already have something going on in their lives, whether it’s at school, or home, or even in their personal life.The main place bullying is happening is on social media because people can hide behind a screen and say they are someone they are not. Society plays a big issue on bullying, it determines what you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to act, and how to fit in. But, the truth is that it is not how you should be. Now that you know a little background on bullying, I’m going to share my story. 7th grade was when it all started. You see, I was dealing with some of my own problems and I didn’t really get along with the other students and the individuals just hated me, calling me really nasty things. Then, 8th grade came around and wow, was that a challenging year for me! In the summer of 2018, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was not going to school,skipping class, and failing all my classes. I was a cutter, I use to have cuts all the time and if people saw them, I would say the cat did it or come up with some lie. In February 2019, I went to go live with my dad in hopes of getting better but that did not work- I was still doing the same stuff. The rest of the summer, I was in someone’s care; always being watched because the cutting and depression got worse. I felt completely hopeless and felt like there was nothing left on this earth for me. Then, freshman year hit. I felt ready but also scared to see what this year would bring, and, turns out, I became happy and felt like I mattered and like I belonged on this earth, like I had a purpose. I met a lot of great friends. I also lost a lot of great friends but my grades are great. I am very happy, but yes I am still dealing with depression to this day. I just want anyone to know if you feel alone, or like you are better off dead- talk to an trusted adult or anyone. I promise there is worth in this world. YOU ARE WORTH IT and you mean so much, to so many people. You’re only human, humans make mistakes but we also learn from them. I promise- suicide is not the answer.