Discrimination within Preble

Alexis Peterson

Walking among the halls of Preble, there are many diverse people to view. One can see many different cultures, languages, gender orientations, and religions. However, a common problem that has been seen as of late is the constant verbal discrimination towards people for their differences. This is not in accordance with the District’s bullying policy; however, it is very often not reported and can lead to disputes between individuals.

It is not uncommon for me to walk with my Muslim friends and hear terrorism jokes within the six minutes we have to reach the next class. I also hear yells of “go back where you came from!”. This is not to guilt anyone, we all have said regretful things, however, this is not acceptable, ever. The person under the hijab is just that- a person, with living emotions. The transgender person without transitioning is just that- a person, with living emotions. Recently, there has been an onslaught of fights between individuals regarding such comments. Yes, the current politics involve many minority rights disputes, yet we are here in school to learn. We must remember, for everyone’s sake, that those people are more than just a minority group- they are people.

Please, to all those who look on to such verbally abusive taunts and harsh words towards these lovely people, take a stand. If it is your friend, tell them to “knock it off” and don’t be afraid to speak up to teachers and other staff.