Newest School Updates in the District

Alexis Peterson

In early 2017, the school board gathered together and voted on the new “Redesign 2020” program. This program was designed to create further initiatives in the district, attracting more student populations and extending the amount of space the currently cramped population has. The Redesign program enables this growth via three phases over the three years.

The first phase is merely initiation. This began with a faculty survey, which analyzed the staff’s willingness to work with newer spaces and the need for resources within the classroom. Following this, there was a public referendum in April 2017, asking for funds to expand the district; there was a seventy percent agreement vote with this program among the public. This was an agreement to raise $68,250,000 in construction via tax money.

The second phase addressed Preble’s needs after the first phase dismissed this. A task force was assembled to support this effort in the program and met with the Board of Education on June 5th, 2018 to change boundaries between the east and west side schools in hopes of decreasing such an immense student population within the east side. They made plans based upon a survey given to students and faculty in the spring of 2019.

The third phase is currently in motion. This is the deliberate planning of architecture and has already been in progress for several months. Recently, there have been additions to Edison Middle School’s lunchroom, Martin Elementary School’s gymnasium, Danz Elementary School’s classroom spaces, and merging Jefferson Elementary and Fort Howard Elementary schools together. This redesigning program is hoped to be completed within 2020, with additional time into 2021.