Netflix Review – Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix Review - Stranger Things Season 4

Vivian Xiong, Writer

Guess what new season came out!? That’s right, Stranger Things just came out with a season 4. I’ve already watched all of it, and I’d like to convince you to watch it too! You’ll enjoy the show if you’re into science fiction/horror/drama television series. Stranger Things is about these young kids in Hawkins, Indiana who are known as the “nerds”.

One of them goes missing, and it’s covered up by a science government’s lab. The kids slowly uncover what the government’s lab has been hiding, only to get them in trouble. In this new season, there are multiple plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting to keep watching. The season makes you wonder if the multiple plot twists will make sense later on. The suspense can feel a little spooky, especially with the music being played and the jump scares.  I hope this was convincing enough for you to give this series a try, and even if you’re not into these types of series, I would suggest giving it a shot and  recommending it to any other family members or friends who might be interested.