Summer Bucket List


Angelina Zerillo, Writer

Summer is just around the corner! Soon, instead of spending our days at school working and studying, we will be lounging in the sun and hanging out with our friends. Not sure how to spend your free time this summer? Check out some summer bucket list ideas below:


  • Attend a drive in movie with your friends/family
  • Attend a concert or music festival
  • Go on a fun road trip with friends or family
  • Volunteer somewhere new 
  • Tie dye something
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Make s’mores
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day 
  • Hike or bike on a new trail 
  • Go to a local fair 
  • Read a new book
  • Start a new television series
  • Grill out
  • Go fishing
  • Play miniature golf
  • Sleep in an hammock 
  • Visit a farmers market 
  • Visit/hang out with a friend or a family member that you have not seen in a while
  • Go to a national park 
  • Swim in the ocean 
  • Go white water rafting 
  • Try a new food truck 
  • Attend a floating lantern festival 
  • Do all touristy things in your town 
  • Make a time capsule 
  • See a waterfall 
  • Watch a thunderstorm
  • Plant some flowers
  • Sleep in and enjoy a staycation
  • Take a weekend trip to Door County or Wisconsin Dells
  • Go boating and tubing 
  • Go strawberry picking 
  • Start a fitness routine or try to go to the gym on a weekly basis
  • Have a game night with family and friends
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Visit an art gallery 
  • Try water skiing 

What would be on your summer bucket list?