AP Tests: What to Expect

AP Tests: What to Expect

Angelina Zerillo, Writer

What to expect and what to be ready for the day of the test:

While we just have finished with all of the AP tests from these past couple of weeks, here are some things to expect if you’re planning on taking an AP class in the future.

You should already expect the moment that you walk into the room to take your AP test that there will be clocks throughout the room. The proctors WILL take any electronic devices that connect to the internet (phones, watches, etc.). Then, they will keep those until the end of the full testing period. Another thing that you should expect is something that will help you out on the test. You have to  have a good mindset and expect that you will do well on your test, as well as those FRQs. You need to keep up a positive attitude and think that you can and will pass the test. If you are going into the AP exam saying to yourself that you are going to do badly and have a negative attitude, you will likely do worse. Basically you are setting yourself up for success if you are cultivating a positive mindset. Which in turn means that you are setting yourself up for failure if you go into the test with a negative attitude. With a positive attitude you will have more confidence. One important thing to remember is that when you are taking a multiple choice test, try not to second guess yourself, and just go with your first answer or your “gut feeling”. 


How to be ready for the test:

There are many different ways that you can be ready for your exam. To start off, always make sure that throughout the year you are taking detailed notes, as well as asking as many questions as you need to have a better understanding of the material that was just taught to you. Another very important thing to remember is that for each unit make sure that you are reading that unit in the textbook, even if it’s not assigned to you. Your teacher will not read the full textbook out loud to you and does not have the time to teach you every piece of content that you should know for the test; that is your personal responsibility, so make sure you are fully reading your textbook throughout the whole year. Lastly, you can purchase AP study books with practice tests inside on Amazon or at many bookstores. This will help you get ready for the exam. Start studying weeks before the test, and with the help of your book, you can take multiple practice tests, which will then help you know which chapters that you should be focusing on more than the others while studying for the test. This will also help you become familiar with the test style.

Overall, AP exams may be challenging, but they are extremely beneficial for your future and can be very rewarding!


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