6 Scary Games You Don’t Want to Play


Eva Vang, Writer

Disclaimer: I am writing and sharing these games for entertainment purposes and for those who enjoy reading about these things. If you choose to play any of these games, play at your own risk.

(Note: the full rules and directions for these games are not in this article)

  1.  The Four Corner Game

Notes: You’re going to need 4 people to play this game. This is a game to find out if there’s any ghost/spiritual figures in your room. You’ll also need to have an empty room where you can move near the walls to corners.

To do this game you need all the lights off. Have each person walk in one at a time into the room to each corner. When the last person comes in, you need close the door and go to the middle of the wall with the corner without a person. You need one corner empty. On the count of three, everyone walks to the next corner clockwise. The person who is going to the empty corner they should put a hand out and slightly touch. You’ll soon then feel a figure there. You won’t see them, but you’ll just feel or hear. In the end, you’ll want to rush to turn on the lights and leave the room. Close the door behind you shut and don’t go in there for the rest of the night.

2. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

This isn’t a really spooky game, it’ll just keep surprising you every time. You’ll need a group of friends. How to play: Let one friend lie on the floor while the others kneel around them. Then, each of the kneeling friends place two fingers from each hand under a part of the body of the friend who is lying down. Then chant, “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” and  try to lift your friend off the floor. It might not work every time or the first time, but you’ll at least get it once and lift up your friend into the air.


3. Bloody Mary

This game is very popular, and I’m sure everyone has heard of it. You will need a candle, a mirror, and a matchbox. To play you’ll need to switch all the lights off and light a candle. Go to the room with the candle and shut the door. Look into the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” out loud. If legends are true, you’ll see Bloody Mary and she’ll try to pull you in from the mirror where you’ll be stuck in forever.


4. Sandman

This is a new game I’ve never heard of. You’ll need a group of friends and one person lies on the floor face down. The others sit in a circle around them. One person is the speaker that tells a story about how the person lying down was murdered and how the body was filled with sand. They’ll then lightly rub the areas they have specified where the sand has been filled. When the person lying down tries to stand up, they will feel as if their bodies are really filled with sand.


5. Baby Blue

Baby Blue is another scary game I’ve heard of. Mostly children play it in bathrooms according to urban legends. It’s similar to Bloody Mary. A little backstory: it’s about a mom who had lost her baby by flushing it down the toilet…very tragic.

You’ll need a bathroom with a mirror. Go in by yourself, turn off all the lights, and lock the door. Look into the mirror and hold out your arms as if you were rocking a baby and say, “Baby Blue, Baby Blue” without stopping. You will soon feel the weight of an invisible baby in your arms if you do it correctly. Then, the baby will start growing and get heavier and heavier. You MUST end this game by dropping the baby into the toilet and flush it before it becomes too heavy. Then, exit the bathroom. If not done quickly, a women will appear in the mirror and yell at you to return her baby back to her. However, her screams might break the glass. Exit the bathroom, close the bathroom door behind you, and switch on all the lights.


6. To end it off, I will tell you a game I’ve personally played with friends and how it went. Although, I highly recommend not playing these games as they can be very dangerous and are urban legends. This game is called Red Door Yellow Door Any Other Color Door.

To play this, you’ll need one friend or more. Lights can be on but you’ll need a blindfold. One person sits crisscross. Put a pillow on your lap and have one more person lay their head on the pillow. Then put the blindfold on and they’ll have to put their arms up straight and keep them up. The person who is crisscrossed should put two fingers from each hand onto the person who is laying down’s temples. Then everyone will relax and make no noises. Move your fingers in a circular motion like your giving a massage and chant, “red door, yellow door, any other color door,” in a slow pace and keep going. The person lying down is supposed to be in a new dimension. Accordingly, you’ll be in a corridor and will see a red door, yellow door, and another color door. Once they get to that place, they’ll have to put their arms down. The person they’re lying on is their guide and you HAVE to listen to them. The person who is lying down has to follow the guide’s instructions. The guider has to ask questions like, “What color doors do you see?”

To follow up, once you go through a door and see a room full of people or entities, DO NOT talk to them. Ignore them at all cost. You must then leave the game if you see people. The guide will have to shake you up, or you can wake yourself up. You can either continue through that room or leave to go into another door, but you have to get permission from your guider. Also, the person who is lying down has to say everything you see, what you want to do, what you feel and answer the guider’s questions. You are free to move around the room or area you end up within, but it is always best to avoid anything you don’t feel right about, and always listen to your guide. If you enter a room full of clocks, you must leave the room and game. It is said they will trap you within your trance and they must be avoided. If participant at any stage feels the game is taking a dark turn, the guider must cut the game and wake them up.