Ten Cute Date Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of


Jaden Spitzer, Author

Many lists of cute date ideas are repetitive and basic, although some will forever be iconic, like study dates and café dates. Here are 10 relatively original, slightly specific, cute date ideas.


1. Build-a-bear date

No one is too old for stuffed animals! Bay Park Square’s Build-a-bear may make for a fun date with your significant other. Get teddy bears with matching outfits. Maybe even buy pretzels and a slushy from Auntie Anne’s afterwards.


2. Bake Banana Bread

Everyone likes baked goods, so bake something with your partner. It doesn’t need to be banana bread, you could make cookies, pie, cupcakes, etc. Bonus points if you pick out a cute tin beforehand.


3. Café Switch Up Date

Your classic café date but with a twist: order for the other person. See how well you and your partner know each other’s tastes. Make it harder by going somewhere new.


4. Mini Garden Date

Give your local plant shop a visit, and buy some succulents. You will also need to pick out a pot for them and maybe a decoration or two. Don’t forget to buy potting soil if you don’t have any at home.


5. Bookstore Date

Alternatively a library date. Books have a certain vibe to them, and, depending on you and your partner’s preferences, this may be the perfect activity.


6. At Home Move Theater

Actual theaters are sometimes uncomfortable and inconvenient, so why not watch a movie from the comfort of your own home? Pick out some candy, pop some popcorn, and put on a movie or show!


7. Take a Walk

Get some fresh air! A bike ride works too, of course. Maybe even go to a park and play soccer. You can (politely) kick the little kids off the jungle gym and hang out there, too.


8. Build a Pillow Fort

This is by far the comfiest place to have a date. Bring snacks, drinks, and games. Maybe watch a show on Netflix and don’t forget the cuddles! Bonus if you have a pillow fight.


9. Paintin’ Pottery Date

Head to a cute little ceramic painting studio- there is one in De Pere. They have a large selection of pieces. Pick out some to paint or work on painting a bigger project together! They also offer beading and mosaic making. If you like caramel,  then buy some on your way out.


10. Make a Project

A date for the more creative spirits. It could really be anything, whether you are working with clay, resign, paper, or any other medium.


Happy date night!