DECA Goes to State!

DECA Goes to State!

Vikram Khot, Author

DECA is a club where students learn skills in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Every year, there is a regional competition in which Preble DECA competes. Students take a 100 question test and engage in two role plays where they have to demonstrate business knowledge. Preble DECA competed in the regional competition on Saturday, January 8th. From there, 21 students went to the state competition on Monday, Feb. 21st through Thursday, Feb. 24th in Lake Geneva, WI. 

At state DECA, there are two events participants compete in. Those events are called projects and roleplays. Many team members people from Preble will be going to nationals in Atlanta, Georgia in the projects category. National qualifiers winning their categories include Miyah Washington (SR) and Emily Koepp (SR) for their business solutions project, Emma Dornbush (SO) for her integrated marketing campaign, Brandon Linssen (SR) and Megan Jonet (SR) for their entrepreneurship independent business, and Ava Brunner (SR) for marketing education presentation. Grace Hazuka (JR) and Sumedha Hill (SR), also qualified and came in sixth in a very competitive event for their  entrepreneurship innovation plan.

Furthermore, Miyah Washington competed in another project event, finishing second in apparel and accessories. Ava Brunner also competed in a roleplay event, finishing with third place in sports marketing, which is very impressive. Miyah Washington finished second in her roleplay event in marketing education, which means that she qualified for nationals three times. Reagen Saharsky (JR), Emma Dornbush, and Sumedha Hill all made it on stage in their event, with Reagen receiving a medal for her roleplay, and Emma and Sumedha being finalists for their events. Overall, it was a very successful and amazing trip for Preble High School at state DECA!

Miyah Washington (SR) poses with her award.

Miyah Washington (SR) and Emily Koepp (SR) are all smiles on stage.

Brandon Linssen (SR) and Megan Jonet (SR) eagerly accept their award.

Emma Dornbush (SO) holds her accomplishment. 

Ava Brunner (SR) poses with both her awards.

DECA state qualifiers stop for a quick picture!