When It All Comes Down To It: Episode 3

Simone Brown, Author

Seize the day. 


Date unknown 



Name: Rhett  Halzer OFFSPRING #3


We have done another great job. Capturing the heart of the rebels. J̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶R̶a̶v̶i̶r̶a̶ ̶

That scum didn’t even stand a chance against us, much less the rest of them. Looks like their beloved leader was much weaker than said. No matter. Now we all are getting ready for a party. I’ve never been to a party before. But I sure am excited for it…not Enderbee though…I don’t understand. She’s been in her room all day long moping I think. I also don’t exactly care either. He was a rebel. He deserves everything he has coming to him.