Preble Students Honor Black History Month

Preble Students Honor Black History Month

The observation of Black History Month dates back to 1915, when Carter G. Woodson created an organization called the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. In 1926, Woodson initiated the first “Negro History Week” on February 7th to celebrate and raise awareness of  Black history. In 1976 this turned into a month-long celebration and was renamed Black History Month. Black History Month not only highlights important historical figures, he said, but is an educational tool that teaches individuals about their history.

Preble staff and students worked hard to honor Black History Month at PHS. Senior, Alex Gonzales, and Sophomore, Karla Santos Pilar, showed their support by organizing a viewing of the movie Hidden Figures on February 23rd after school in the LMC. The movie focuses on celebrating Black history and women empowerment. These two also organized a slideshow of local black role models to be shown daily during advisory to help bring awareness to diversity at Preble.

Junior, Xavier Garcia, and Freshman, Riley Brown, created a unique portrait of Barak Obama made out of Rubik’s Cubes to show their support.

The Preble Diversity Leadership Group, advised by Amy Olson Guillen, has received mentorship from Preble Alumni Hannah Beauchamp-Pope and Sierra Slaughter, who are now UW-Green Bay students in the group BIPOC Rise (Black and Indigenous People of Color Reaching Intersectional Strengths through Engagement). The Preble Diversity Leadership Group joined them for a Soul Food Dinner on February 24th as a part of the Black History Month Celebration.

AVID 1 and 4 classes researched prominent Black figures and engaged in interviews, taking on the personas of their influential individuals.

Preble Library Media Specialist, Melanie Lofgren, compiled a collection of books by Black authors to create a Periodic Table of Black History, which is displayed in the windows of the LMC.

Thank you for all your hard work, Preble students and staff!