The Year to Come Part 2

Lexi Knight, Author



|destiny lloydman|

Destiny Lloydman loves doing something different every day. She’s smart, but she doesn’t like to follow a strict ordered plan. She handles whatever comes at her when it does, not dwelling over what might happen. She’s the type of personality you call an “entertainer”. She’s observant- she likes being in real-time and notices small things around her or small patterns of people. Being observant keeps her focus, however, she thinks inside the box. Being observant keeps her on her toes, making sure she has a constant feeling of what’s around her. She gives off a warm and comforting spirit. Often, she is found socializing and finding validation. Destiny brainstorms all the time and tends to follow the motto: “Life is full of possibilities.”

In Megan’s eyes, she loves how un-planned she tends to be. In her eyes, she finds life so entertaining when life just throws unexpected things at you. She likes to look for unknown surprises. She hates how much potential she is wasting on a regular basis, knowing what she’s coming to at home, the combination of stale chips and being ignored, so she hibernates in her room, writing fake adventures of Destiny Lloydman in hopes she will be as spontaneous someday. But that’s what she hates about it. Someday it might come. Not now, but maybe one day. 

Walking down the street with the essence of Autumn in the metaphorical rear-view mirror, and the rays of sun gleaming through the morning fog still on the street makes her feel that mystical warm feeling she gets from nature. A smirk slowly creeps on her blushed face. Today she wears her subtle brown hair in a long plat draped on her shoulder, under a lengthy light grey knitted beanie sagging opposite of her plat is matching with her tattered light grey zip-up with useless, yet obligated to use, thumb holes, layered with her all-time favorite brown jacket vest she uses almost every day.

She keeps walking for nearly twenty more minutes when she finally approaches the pine grove that is at the base of the big hill. She looks up at the sky and the branches of the leafless trees, which look like interlocking hands, as if they’re shielding her from the sky as she struggles up the hill. The hiking backpack she uses for school pulls her down the path as she barely makes progress. Midway through the hill on her tiptoes, she starts to see the pointy roof of her old bricked school through the crooked branches, slowly peaking above the horizon of the hill. Her warm, merry face fades, her head anchors down, tipping back and forth with every step. The same disappointing view gets old after many years, but what doesn’t get old is the familiar voice that calls out to her every morning like clockwork. As soon as she heard it Megan immediately perked up and saw her two best pals, arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders, standing on the front steps to greet Megan with smiling faces. Ashley wore her popular black studded beaning with her dark hoodie starring Mickey Mouse, paired with black ripped boyfriend jeans. Her fluffy yet straight, shiny burgundy hair blew in Rhett’s face. Rhett wore his casual flannel as usual, covered up with an open tan jacket, doubled with his beloved black suspenders hanging down from his khaki-colored -worn- jeans.

“AYYYE, Megan!” Ashlee called out.

“Ash! Rhett!” Megan hollered.

She excitingly ran up the hill, joining them in the middle, her left arm around Rhett, and right around Ashlee. Then together they started walking up the chipped cement stairs, topped with spots of yellow from the sun through the breaks of clouds. They look up into the sky in delight; it’s just openness with nothing around but the clouds companied with the sun. Such openness that somehow fills their hearts with closure. This red-faded bricked school – in resemblance of an old church- and a couple Crabapple trees alongside the school without their beautiful pink petal-shaped leaves are the only things on this hill. Only that and the sun, just open grass everywhere, towering the pine trees below the hill, except a featured dirt trail about nine acres back that follows the hill. Within a half of a mile the trail will collide with the train track. It’s used so rarely that even if any signed that a train might be on those tracks are heard, the whole town comes together to commemorate.


At last, the last hour of the day. The trio stuck in the dim corner of the English class. Rhett on the right of Megan, and Ashlee in front of him.

“So, what must you do over winter break?” Ms. Jude asks looking at the class over her thin-rimmed glasses attached to a colorful beaded glasses chain.

“She really looks like a cranky librarian,” Rhett whispers, presumably reading my mind.

“If the shoe fits,” Megan whispers back with a snarky tone, both trying to hold in their laughs. Everyone starts staring at the clown show. Ashlee elbows Rhett behind her, warning him to quit it out.

“Well?” Ms. Jude squeals.

Megan raises her hand, “Read chapter 7?” She blurts without thinking about it twice.

Ashlee turns around giving Megan a “What are you doing?” look.

Megan chuckles and whispers to Ashlee, “I didn’t mean to.” 

She wasn’t lying.

“Ms. Tucker, you know better.”

“I didn’t mean to do anything,” Megan’s voice rises.

“Ms. Tucker,” she warns “Do you want me to call you father?”

“Oh no! Not my father! Anyone but him, oh please Ms. J, spare me! ” Megan pleads sarcastically. 

Megan hates herself or doing that. She realizes how childish she is and doesn’t like it. It gets her into trouble when she gets home, something she dreads.

“Okay, Ms. Tucker, since it seems like you won’t mind, I’ll talk to him over the telephone tonight.”

“I hope you two go out for tea and crumpets too,” she says under my breath.

Both Ms. Jude and Megan let out a sigh. Then the  Ms. Jude goes on about what they need to accomplish over winter break, but Megan just lays there, chin resting on her fist, zoned out. Thinking about how practically everyone else is going somewhere and can afford it: Disney world, visiting a different state, or even a new county, a concert, the mall, the list goes on and on. People always go out and do something over winter break. But Megan just expects to stay in her small familiar town. Nothing new.

She listens to the last ticks from the clock until the bell rings as she zones back in from her thoughts. With Ms. Jude still mumbling, she crosses all her fingers and toes hoping Ms. Jude doesn’t want to talk to her after class. As soon as she hears the tone of dismissal she scampers out of her desk to be the first to the door and lead the way out. Ms. Jude tries to slip a word in, but Megan ignores it and keeps purposely brushing past people in the hallway so they would move. In time, she slows down her pace for her friends to catch up. 

“Real class act you pulled,” Ashlee chuckles, but it’s obvious she is only half kidding.

“I barely did anything,” Megan excuses herself. 

“Still shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Cool off,” Rhett butts in gently.

You can tell by Megan’s face that she wanted to say something more, she wanted to say that she wished she stopped when she was ahead, that she knew that she should have zipped her trap, but time passes and the air cools off relatively quickly. Soon enough, they all have smiles on their faces, wide ones, excited to finally have a break from the never-ending school days. They couldn’t help but smile, everyone else was. Such a broadcasting smile ran across Megan’s face- it was pretty believable. 

They step out the red rusty steel side doors, opening out into the coming stairs. Altogether, the power trio, feeling like a new beginning is blooming. But then the breeze inherently reminded Megan that sequentially, after leaving school, she must head back to apartment #7. Like clockwork, they trail off in different directions to head home. Ashlee and Rhett went right, into the wooded area toward the train track to their dispersed neighboring homes, and Megan turned left toward the front of the school, to continue down the steep hill, into the pine grove at the bottom, and into town.

As Megan walks home the few brown leaves from the prior morning are either found in the gutter or sprinkled with snow, everything ahead is lit up with snow like a sad ghost town wonderland. The roads are slushy and the sky hidden with clouds makes everything gloomy and dusk. It’s nothing special to look at, so Megan stares down at her feet as she walks. The untouched thin layer of snow on the slabs of the sidewalk act as a canvas for her thoughts. She starts thinking about how she has nothing to do over break again, the thought fills her with dread. Oh, how she wishes she had a life like everyone else at school, a life like Destiny Lloydman. A more exciting life, one worthwhile. Then, the perfect idea comes to mind. Her imaginary lightbulb flickers as well as her bright crooked smile. She starts to get really antsy for New Year’s Day. That is what the new year is all about right? To change your life with resolutions- to better yourself. What a perfect opportunity, she thought. Instead of dwelling on making fake thrilling scenarios with Destiny Lloydman, why not make her own? Why not be spontaneous?

How perfect, she kept thinking, how absolutely brilliant.