Preble’s Got Talent!


Cassidy Pigeon, Author

The school talent show was on Friday, February 10th. There was a huge turnout of supporters, especially for the K-Pop club. The acts ranged from angelic singers to limber dancers to electronic-sounding beatboxers. Singers performed beautifully like Josephine Bantamoi’s rendition of Rihanna’s Stay. Dancers performed routines to popular songs like Omar Rockwell’s routine to Stuck Like Glue.  The beat-boxing performances were staggering. They created sounds with their voices that were so unique; they sounded as if they were coming from a computer.

A performance that was especially unique and powerful was one by Alyiah LaForge. She angelically sang a native song dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. It evoked powerful emotions in the crowd. 

Other performances received a lot of positive feedback from the crowd. The K-Pop club had many members of the crowd standing and cheering them on. The same energy was felt with Omar Rockwell’s performance; there was quite a lot of cheering and encouragement from the crowd. In my opinion, the most astounding feedback from the crowd was for Josephine Bantamoi’s performance. During her song, the crowd cheered her along while turning on their phone flashlights and waving them back and forth. Josephine was not expecting this reaction. She said, “I felt scared and nervous, but as I started singing and people started cheering me on I gained my confidence.” 

One of the many winners was Josephine, who received first place in the individual category. Along with the K-Pop club winning first in the group category. Both were very surprised and excited to hear their names being announced for first place. It was a spectacular and exceptional night for all participants. Congratulations to all the acts!