February Horoscopes



A promotion or gig that you’ve been waiting to hear news about will resurface on February 3rd. Although you were previously stressing about the outcome of the interview and future of this situation, you may question whether you ever wanted the position in the first place when Venus and Mars align on February 12. In the midst of that change of heart, another prospect that wasn’t in your peripheral vision is coming your way on February 14, when Pluto links up with the North Node of Destiny (coincidence that it’s Valentine’s Day… I think not!). By the time the full moon occurs on February 16, you’ll be making moves towards the new offer and happy that you made this spontaneous choice that will elevate your status.



An exciting professional opportunity is coming your way during February 1’s new moon. New job perhaps? But in order to tap into the success that’s waiting for you, you’ll have to make a few compromises that affect your intimate relationships and personal life. However, you’ll feel great confidence this month during the planetary connection between Venus and Mars on February 12, during Pluto’s aspect with the Nodes of Destiny on the 14th, and during Uranus’s alignment with Jupiter on the 17th. Things are changing, but you feel on top of this! By this month’s full moon on the 16th, a shift will occur: The people who care about you the most will step up and try to do their best behind the scenes to support you while you pour extra energy into crushing your job and classes!


You’ve been very lax with your money management and now it’s beginning to create problems- yikes! Too much time online shopping! Also, the raise or loan that you were waiting on is being met with delays that are holding you back from having a better cash flow. Unfortunately, you’ll have to tighten your wallet and stick to a budget when Mercury turns direct on February 3rd. And, it will put a damper on your Valentine’s Day plans. But, you may get lucky and be able to borrow some money from a friend on February 12, who’ll encourage you to enjoy the romantic festivities. Even if you aren’t financially able to go overboard with gifts, flowers, and sweets — you’ll be able to make it special with the money you do have. It’s not the monetary items that matter!


Mercury’s forward motion on February 3rd (which ends the 19-day Mercurial backspin), followed by the Venus and Mars alignment in Capricorn on February 12 is flipping the switch in your personal relationships. It’s time to embrace the changes that you’ve made and lessons that you’ve learned about how you interact with others, and put yourself out there again — date, love, deal with friends and colleagues. The old narrative of wearing your heart on your sleeve and having emotional reactions to people is evolving. No longer will you avoid confrontation and have meltdowns instead of dealing with the situation head on, especially during this month’s new moon (on February 1st) and full moon (on February 16th).


Relationships are a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t rush or push your way into making a relationship more than it is during the new moon on February 1st.  Things will evolve naturally and in time. And, Valentine’s Day is the prime moment that it will happen — especially since Mercury is re-entering Aquarius, allowing you to discuss the future of the relationship, as well as owning your emotions. Being honest with your friend, crush, or partner about your feelings and relationship during the full moon (that serves as a new beginning for you too, as it links up with your Sun) on February 16th. Think of this as a month to start fresh with those you care about.


The past several weeks haven’t been easy. Mercury’s backwards glide, which finally ends on February 3rd, has brought up some unexpected work and school issues that have left you exhausted. Use February 1st’s new moon and February 16th’s full moon as times to decompress. Book the massage you’ve been dreaming of, or take a hike to temporarily escape from your worries. Your self-love habit will be especially useful when Pisces season begins on February 18th, as you will be able to extend your loving cup that’s filled to the brim to others when they’re in need of your help without depleting it and your energy.


The new moon on February 1st brings out your passion and energy. Your passionate vibes will be heightened during the Venus and Mars conjunction on February 12th, leading you into a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day that you won’t forget anytime soon, whether you’re dating or single this year. Mercury’s re-entrance into Aquarius and February 16th’s full moon make you take the lead in asserting your desires, allowing you to go after — and get — exactly what you want this month.


Rather than run away from the innate power that you have, it’s time that you start to ignite the magic within yourself. Real talk: It’s been a minute since you’ve put your needs, wants, and desires first. February 1st’s new moon and February 16th’s full moon are key dates in which you should disengage from communication with others and focus deeply on what you yearn for and need in order to be the person of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to think and feel outside the box on February 12th, 17th, and 18th. You may begin to see that your hopes veer from the norm on February 14th and that the life you truly crave is unique — and much different than you ever imagined it would be.


February kicks off with the cosmos whispering sweet everythings into your ears, allowing you to be consumed with gossip. Know this: The information that you’re receiving during the new moon on February 1st may be faulty. Be prepared to hear the “real” version of these situations on February 16th’s full moon (which will create peak drama in your peer group, btw). Therefore, it’s important to focus on other matters instead of spreading the misinformed tea further around your friend circle and to anyone who’ll listen. When Pisces season begins on February 18th and your besties are having conflicts with each other, you’ll be glad that you stayed out of that mess and kept your mouth shut — since it was the most challenging thing you have done lately.


The drama in your life is beginning to chill, making you feel a bit calmer after dealing with some simmering anxieties last month. The moment Mercury turns direct on February 3rd, you’ll feel an energetic shift that will allow you to breathe a major sigh of relief. When Venus and Mars harmonize on February 12th and Pluto aligns with the Nodes of Destiny on February 14th, you’ll be given the incentive to use the lessons that you’ve learned over the past month and evolve into a better version of yourself. Remember, nothing can stay the same forever, which is why you should learn from past mistakes and use this cosmic gift of transformation to your advantage


After a month of being in a cocoon of your own making, you are coming into February hot, ready to mingle, and wanting to take charge of everything that’s been on hold. The new moon on February 1st is your personal wake-up call to put your best foot forward and to make an impression on your boss, teachers, and peers. When Mercury turns direct on February 3rd and re-enters Aquarius on February 14th, you’ll have time to squash miscommunications that have created havoc in your personal and professional world since the retrograde began on January 14th. This will lead you into an amazing place of compassion and camaraderie amongst your peers, who will want to celebrate your triumphs and offer support in the months ahead.


When Mercury ends its retrograde journey on February 3rd, you’ll find that a lot of the turmoil that you have been experiencing in your friend group is dissipating. However, the fact remains that you are aware of the underlying resentments that your squad feels towards you. And, while the drama is easing up, you’re still aware of their feelings. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, you’re beginning to move on and drift away from the peeps you’re no longer are comfortable around. By the time Pluto links up with the Nodes of Destiny on February 14,th Jupiter and Uranus connect on the 17th, and you begin your solar return on February 18th, you’ll have a new crew — one that’ll make your old pals realize how much they miss you.