Hoops For Hope


Cassidy Pigeon, Author and Photographer

Hoops for Hope is a fundraiser for the Sting Cancer Club here at Preble. It took place on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Their main selling point is their raffle of gift baskets. They also sell their specially made t-shirts for the event along with Preble colored cookies. The game raised awareness for the club’s mission and had a booth spreading the awareness and importance of bone marrow transplants. 


To start off the night, the JV girl’s basketball team played against the De Pere JV girl’s Redbirds. There was a huge parent turnout. Sadly, the Hornets fell to the Redbirds with a score of 29 to 59. 

During the break between games, the Preble Pep Band came out and shared their pep with the crowd. They performed songs such as Believer by Imagine Dragons, Drag Me Down by One Direction, along with the school song. At 7:00 pm, the varsity girl’s basketball team came on the court to play the De Pere varsity girl’s Redbirds. Unfortunately, the girl’s varsity also lost to the Redbirds.


At the end of the game, the winners of the raffle were announced. Baskets like, a Starbucks gift basket, a chocolate gift basket, a car washing gift basket, and a baking gift basket went home with the generous people of the night. The Sting Cancer Club raised over $1,100.