Asian Club- What is it All About?

Eva Vang, Author

Every Wednesday Asian Club has a meeting, which occasionally have had to occur on Tuesdays due to busy and conflicting schedules of the members. We donate money to those who are in need of winter clothes, money, essential items, etc. It’s a great club to join because everyone is accepted and welcome. You do not need to be Asian to join this club. We simply talk about updates on school,  grades,  volunteer hours, and support Asian culture awareness in the local Green Bay area. We relax and have fun in this group!

If you’d like to donate any money (simply $1.00) or toys, you can deliver to to one of the  members in the club, or our President (Baokalia Yang; [email protected]) or Vice President (Deena Vang; [email protected]). Otherwise to get more information, our advisor is Darryl Buck ([email protected]).

Our recent community service was doing bell ringing at the mall! For a couple of hours we’d stand by those red stands with a bucket and rang a bell. There were many locations we could choose from including the food court, Foot Locker, etc. We got to have fun with our friends, dance around with the bells, and greet others as they passed by.

Pictures from the Bell Ringing: