Social Anxiety- What it Feels Like Expressed Through Art

Eva Vang, Author

Do you struggle with socializing? Do you get scared or nervous when speaking out or presenting? It’s normal to feel nervous, to have cold sweat. We’ve all gone through it before.

Social anxiety or social phobia is a persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. By having so many personal experiences with this phobia, I decided to paint my personal experiences to share what it felt like for me during this time in my life.

For me, social anxiety always made me sweat, feel uncomfortable, feel nervous, and expect the worse in every situation. It’s a mental health condition, and it affected my work at school and starting friendships or keeping up with them. Without going into too much detail, I did learn how to cope with it. If I really think about it, my social anxiety is still a bit there. It still has a small influence over my work at school and projects. Although it’s not as bad as it use to be, I remind myself and anyone else who is going through the same experiences: “If you choose to get over the fear, you will get over the fear.”