December Horoscopes


What does your December horoscope look like?


You might feel like you’ve changed, but your circumstances and relationships are at a standstill. Don’t fret. It can take time for things to fall into place and manifest into tangible change. Give yourself ample space to unlearn deeply ingrained habits. Look at the big picture as December begins, and set those goals, Queen! Trust that all the little things can (and will) get hashed out later. The next month will be particularly busy for you at school and work, but a tireless fire sign like you can play that to your advantage. Let your competitive spirit take the reins and attack your professional goals with the same vigor as you would a debate or board game. 

Aries is the sign of first impressions — and this is your chance to cement your reputation around school or work with a simple small gesture or two.  What do you want your 2022 to look like? 


You end the year in style, your relationship is at its peak, the exchanges are positive, you gain popularity- you do you! This month you will finally decide to speak up at meetings, in class, at work, and have your voice heard! 

The planetary movements help you this month. Take advantage of this windfall to create or to finalize projects at home, at school, or in your relationships. The conditions are ideal, so quit worrying, let your doubts go,  and be confident in yourself! During the third week, everything goes well, even if things are a little different. This time, it’s important to look at who you ask for support from and surround yourself with. Home is going to supply you with endless support this month.


You need to be reassured, dear Taurus. The beginning of the month is chaotic. Stick through it because around December 16th, things change and evolve for the better. Your anxieties dissipate, your mind frees itself from constraints, and you manage to pass over any annoyances. You protect your loved ones, doing everything possible to avoid problems. You gain sympathy.

Once you express your feelings, you will feel better. This month, your fears of lacking money disappear, and you are confident. This is perfect since it’s the season  of gift giving!  Your financial situation increases with the arrival of a small amount of unexpected money. 

Your love life promises some unexpected and unforeseen twists; it’s like starting a new beginning. You change your attitude towards love and those around you will see a difference.


It’s a quiet end to the year for you, Gemini. If there are tunings or adjustments to make, they will be done before the end of the month. Here is what the stars advise for the most carefree and distracted Gemini: better organization, involvement, and good control over the events to come. 

Regarding privacy, be careful this month. Only keep sincere and trustworthy people around. In sum, it is a big end-of-the-year cleansing that is needed: new year, new life. These changes may please you, but they could be scary.

It’s not a barrel of laughs when it comes to love, it’s a little flat and calm. If you open yourself to others this month, others will open up to you. The odds are on your side, so enjoy it. Around the 18th of December, love will reach you and the exchanges are fruitful. Try directly displaying your intentions. 


It’s a beautiful time ahead for you dear Cancer. At the beginning of the month, you are a bit teasing and daring. But new opportunities are presented to you, the stars offer you a real gift.

December is the month of triumph. Professional and personal projects materialize. Your feelings are safe, and you decide to follow your instincts. By trusting your intuitions, you break down your barriers of protection. The period is conducive to family reunions, being surrounded by your loved ones gives you immense joy.

To grow in your love life this month, you decide to broaden your horizons. You are spontaneous and inflamed, but be careful not to burn the bridge. 


By the 10th, your projects are gaining value. Whether this is in school, work, or your personal life, you are determined.  These are small victories that are good for your morale. You win big, this end of year is rich in events.

The stars give you the opportunity to reveal the extent of your talents. However, your job and school are both taking over, and you have very little time to devote to your loved ones. You do not give them the choice, and it risks causing some small disagreements. As usual, you need to shine. You’re lucky, there’s a positive in all that, with the newfound money you’ve earned, you spoil the people you love the most. 

Right now, you do not enjoy your loved ones enough because time is lacking. In December, your hectic life does not always rhyme with family life. Fortunately, you know how to be forgiven. Around December 26th, the situation returns to normal.


At the beginning of December the stars whisper in your ear some very interesting tips. Learn from your mistakes, check your sources before making a decision, and rely on the advice of others to get you on the right track. You tend to forget some deadlines, but Virgos have a reputation of being good students, so honor the stars and keep pushing forward.

Around December 15th, the influx of Saturn boosts your energies. For you, the family holds an important place, so you pay more attention to your loved ones. As the holiday season approaches, you are even more attentive and comforting. Socially, you have positive encounters with others. Towards the 18th  someone will trust you with a large responsibility. 

In your love life, all is well. Behind the façade of a smile, you manage to hide your doubts, and it works! You play it subtle, it’s for a good cause. You fall in love with someone new, and they appear to be into you too!


No one can distract you or take you away from your goals this month. You are determined to complete your work so you can focus on your priorities. The slowest planets devote their energies to helping you. Little by little, the doubts are dissipated, and your initiatives are paying off. Chance and success are found around December 17th.

This month, friendships are more important than love. Around the 21st you will create new bonds and your social circle expands. On the eve of Christmas, the family atmosphere is warm. You are devoted to your loved ones and vice versa.

For your love life, the middle of the month comes with exciting adventures. You make beautiful encounters, and as usual they are to your advantage. If a romantic relationship evolves slowly it is not negative since you will still bloom. 


The month of December looks promising. To finish the year you decide to boost your career. You are busy working in school and at your job. You need to renew your daily life, start a new hobby and take that plunge! Around December 13th, opportunities arise, new tracks are to be dug, you start a new life.

Because of a peak of activity, around the 27th you could experience a drop in your energy level, but you will quickly regain a second wind. The excitement of the arrival of the holiday season gives you energy.

At the beginning of the month, your love life causes some confusion. You swing between feelings and reasons, you do not know where you are. Then, thanks to a small miracle, you find your smile (a meeting or a reconciliation) everything is much better. 


From the 3rd, you do not have a minute to breathe. Things come one after another without you having time to relax. It does not upset you, on the contrary, you prefer to be busy rather than bored. Until the 17th you lead everything, your professional life, your family life, you are a great Capricorn! Be careful not to tire yourself too much. Keep your energy to party; you will need it.

Interesting business proposals arrive at almost the same time as Christmas presents, so you may have the opportunity to change your structure or line of business. You progress, around the 23rd. Additional earnings allow you to invest. Financially, your numbers grow.

At the beginning of the month, your love is calm, then, on the way, you make some adjustments, and you find your path. Your destiny in love may take a new turn. Unexpected proposals or an unexpected journey, you end the year smoothly and the new one begins in beauty. With a little patience, you will calmly reach all your goals.


Your relationships are harmonious right now. Your success depends only on you, and you prefer to strengthen your achievements before you embark on new projects. Your ideas are original, and you have a good head on your shoulders.

Around the 11th, we knock on your door. You are complimented for your achievements and a new path presents itself.

You need to control everything, your private life, your love life, and your professional life. Your loved ones are pointing it out. Small explanations are to be expected. Around December 10th everything is back to normal, thanks to the support of your family, you find your balance.


As soon as your habits are jostled you panic. But before panicking, realize that you can take advantage of the changes that are coming. You have a considerable advantage, this month as the stars make you benefit from their protection. The angels are with you. If you have an ambitious professional project in mind, those who love you give you a hand. If you hit the ground running, you adapt very easily.

You have potential which will bring you unexpected success. You have great enthusiasm, which can cause envy among others. But you lead your merry way whether everyone likes it or not. This period is rewarding for your family. You have a light heart and the family atmosphere is good.

Your love life is peaceful this month. You do not anticipate any event, you just let fate take over. Pisces are pleasing and amusing. Towards the 16th someone will charm you. You like the feeling that others need you.