Astroworld Tragedy


Stefany Rios, Writer

Astroworld was meant to be a musical event everyone would enjoy, but what really happened was a tragedy.

Astroworld is a music festival run by Travis Scott in Houston, Texas. This year’s performers included Young Thug, SZA, Lil Baby, Earth, Wind & Fire, Master P, and 21 Savage. The event began on Friday, November 5, 2021 and ran through the next day. However, it wasn’t until later in the night that the real nightmare began. Many reports were made of arguments happening before and during the show, people were struggling to stand up straight, others were arguing and fighting to get to the front row so they could get free merch, food or shows. Some people present at the festival described that the crush of the crowd was so extreme it left no room to move.

During Travis Scott’s performance, the crowd began to surge towards the front of the stage. Due to the large number of people present at the show, those that were closer to the stage began to collapse. Witnesses recall seeing security pulling injured fans out from among the crowd. Hundreds of people were left injured while ten people lost their lives, the ages of those who sadly passed away ranged from ten through twenty seven. The youngest victim was nine who suffered injuries severe enough to put him in a coma. Witnesses state that the medical staff on hand was not well equipped nor sufficiently staffed to handle the night’s events. 

Many argue Travis Scott should be held accountable for not stopping his performance earlier so that those injured could be treated, while others argue that the authorities should have stepped in as well to stop the number of people injured. Rather than shutting down the show immediately it was shut down forty minutes after the casualties began. The show was shut down around 10:10 PM, thirty minutes before the scheduled time. Many videos were posted throughout the night which showed a chaotic scene at the front of the concert, many people in the audience could be heard screaming for help and for the show to be stopped so ambulances could reach the injured. While many were struggling to get help, more were unaware of what was happening. 

In the end, there were many contributing factors that led to the night’s events, there were many precautions that were not taken to ensure the safety of all who were present at Astroworld. The night was supposed to be one no one would forget, but it should not have been for these circumstances, many will have to live with the image of seeing those around them collapsing, bleeding out, and sadly passing away. We can only hope something like Astroworld’s tragedy will never happen again.