Priyanka Navani: A Preble Alumni Making a Difference in the Middle East


Yakatahawine Zacarias Skenandore, Writer

I had the amazing opportunity to meet Priyanka Navani, a reporter with a masters degree from the Lincoln School of Economics, who now works and lives in the Middle East. She takes great pride in her work and shows so much passion in her work reporting on and bringing awareness to the poverty and problems going on in the Middle East. A former Preble student, having Mr. Baudhuin as a teacher for three of her four years in high school, Priyanka Navani has established a strong relationship with him as a teacher and returns every year to share her stories. She presented to the SS10 class and shared some very unsettling facts. Nearly 75% of people in Lebanon are lying below the poverty line. She shared that before the war, 1 USD equaled 50 Lebanese pounds, and after the war, 1 USD amounted to 4,000 Lebanese pounds. Priyanka then showed us some of her news stories, talking about a refugee camp in Syria with 70,000 people all said to be ISIS affiliations… there have been 30 murders in that camp. Through her shocking speech and presentation, she continued to emphasize the importance of seeing the world through many different eyes and understanding the modern issues facing the Middle Eastern region. A very accomplished young woman, Priyanka continues to pursue her passion and strives to earn her doctorate degree next year, all while living in the Middle East, and bringing light to these horrifying issues and the struggles these Middle Eastern people are facing every single day.