Good Gossip Girl


Simone Brown, Writer

Hey there Hornets,  guess who’s back? It’s your favorite Good Gossip Girl, here to sting you with some more acts of kindness. The word around the hornet’s nest is that there have been some pretty sweet Samaritans helping each other out. Let’s check out what “the buzz” has been all about: 


One humane hornet bought snacks for all of her peers in Lifespan Development! That act of kindness was sweet as honey! 


Did you hear the tea about the KPOP leaders? They went above and beyond and made egg rolls, bought tarts, and brought lots of yummy treats to celebrate Friendgiving with their members. My heart is bursting from that kind act, and my mouth is watering thinking about those delectable treats! 


Arayia treated a friend to a gift for their birthday! That’s un-bee-lievably kind! 


That’s all the tales I have for now. Keep the good gossip coming. Good gossip is what the good hornets crave. 



Good Gossip Girl