When It All Comes Down to It: Episode 2

Simone Brown, Writer

Today is a day for greatness. Make it a good day.


Date unknown 



Name:Enderbee Halzer OFFSPRING #3 

We attacked the garden people. Gloria…that’s the forbidden name. We all know they are innocent, well I do. They had nothing to defend themselves with. No weapons, no bombs. We had bombs, we had guns, they had no chance. Father says they are just a waste of space, a nuisance if you will.

But I have now seen many faces before death, looking at their death. And this time I think father was wrong. They had something worth living for. Many people in future don’t understand the means to be alive. They take it as a way to get something over on the other, taking power over and being  ever so greedy. Maybe there’s a different side to future I’m not quite grasping.