Two Birds


Macy Sterk, Writer

Creative Writing Piece: 

Two people, like birds. They made a promise that they will both stay together forever and keep each other’s backs. A promise must be kept. They kept that promise for a while. They were like birds on a wire. They stuck together. Those birds would both stay on that wire, never letting go. One of the birds has been thinking about leaving that wire. They wanted to explore the world more with the other bird together. While the other bird liked life on the wire. They didn’t want to leave at all. One night the one bird decided it was time to tell the other bird what they wanted. They told the other bird about how they wanted to explore the world together, but the other bird said no. After a while of talking, the other bird said they would do it. The one bird jumped off the wire flying into the dark night. You may wonder did that other bird jump? Did they both explore the world together? Did they both stay together forever? Well, not exactly. When that one bird jumped the other bird didn’t do it. They just stood on the wire never letting go. They both said they were going to stay together, but that promise was broken.