How Cellphones are Educational


Lexi Knight


  1. Google – Google is very educational because if you have any questions at all about anything, you have all your answers in your pocket. Google is the most common research resource, but you can also use Bing, Safari, or any other browser. Not to mention, Google includes Google Drive, Docs, Slides, etc., where you can make or finish any assignments related to school or work.Google Workspace apps are getting a tasty new look with Android 12 | TechRadar
  2. Google Classroom- When Covid-19 first broke out and we were stuck in our houses, the vast majority had to stay at home for school. Google Classroom became very handy to organize assignments and post any important announcements. Even before Covid-19, Google Classroom was popular because implementing technology into lessons is huge now. At Preble, it is the main source of holding and submitting assignments.Google Classroom Archives - The Tech Edvocate
  3. Zoom/Google Meets/ FaceTime – Anything where you can video chat can be considered educational if it’s work or school related. Whether it’s used for participating in the class virtually, to discuss work with a co-worker, to trade homework answers, or anything in between, it can be used for educational purposes.Zoom review: The video meeting service that became a verb in 2020 - CNET
  4. Calculator – This is pretty self-explanatory, but to summarize, if you need to solve an equation for math homework or to help pay your bills, it’s helpful and educational.Calculator on the App Store
  5. Calendar/Planner – It’s not necessarily educational, but it still going on the list because the planner and calendar can help you keep track of events, meetings, practices, and homework assignments. Planner Apps That You Need On Your Phone To Help You Plan Your Day!
  6. Pinterest – You might not think this is educational, but it is just as relevant as a planner. Yes, Pinterest is full of outfits, house d├ęcor, nails and more, but it also has different format ideas to keep your notes organized. Every student has to take notes, and having organized notes can make studying so much easier.The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Ads: Ad Types, Specs & Strategy
  7. Streaming Services – Netflix, Disney +, etc. have been used in many classrooms. Whether you’re watching a documentary for history class, analyzing theme in a Pixar short, or using a Stranger Things episode to practice predicting and inferencing, streaming services can come in handy.Best streaming service of 2021: Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, ESPN Plus and more - CNET
  8. YouTube – There are so many reasons YouTube is helpful. YouTube is full of tips and tools, step-by-step equations, documentaries, short stories, the list can go on. All of which are educational.YouTube has new features to try. Here's how to use them - CNET