Why Preble Needs an Art Club

Why Preble Needs an Art Club

Jaden Spitzer, Student

Preble High School has an extensive variety of clubs to choose from, everything from math to anime club, as well as many sports. With this wide range of clubs there must be something for everyone, right? While there are many clubs for different interests, Preble is missing a club to appease the more creative students of the school: PHS needs an art club. Even though we have clubs for certain creative arts, such as the dance team and The Buzz, art is a basic form of expression and deserves one of its own. 

Many students take art classes because they are striving to go into an art related career or simply because they enjoy the subject. Having an art club will get more students involved in after school activities. Being a part of this sort of club has social benefits too, students would meet others with the same interests and passions, it also serves as a place for them to share their art with peers, along with resources and ideas.

Not everyone in the club would have to be a die-hard artist with insane talent either. Many people simply find art therapeutic; a much needed break from the stress of the current school year. A meeting once every few weeks would suffice. 

As an aspiring artist, I would love to be part of this kind of club, and I have been in the past. I went to Edison for 7th and 8th grade and was the president of the art club there. I was also in an art club back when I went to St. Bernard. My love for art has only grown since my middle school days, and I hope to make it my career. But don’t just take my word for it, countless other students have voiced their interest in an art club. 

When asked if she would join an art club, sophomore Jayce Lemmens responded with, “I would join. I don’t have a lot of time in my schedule, but if I can just hop over every so often I would go to art club, because I need a break. It would be nice after school.” She also mentioned enjoying art and keeping a sketchbook with her at all times. Junior Hannah Seigworth also stated that she would probably join an art club if there were to be one. In response to the question of whether or not she likes art Hannah stated, “I appreciate it, yes. I’m not very good at doing it, but I like art.” There were many other students, besides these two, who responded in a similar manner.  

Art is an amazing form of expression and should be encouraged. There are many talented students at PHS who specialize in and excel at art. Having an art club would greatly benefit Preble High School students who are interested in the subject, and the school as a whole.