Preble Girls Tennis

Preble Girls Tennis

Vikram Khot, Writer

The Preble Girls Tennis Team had an up and down season, which ended mostly positive. At the beginning of the season, their lack of match experience was their biggest obstacle by far, as only three of their players had experience on the varsity team. 

Briana Renier represented Preble at the #1 singles spot, while Damaris Bahena and Alison Linsmeier stepped up to lend their experience to newer team members where it was needed. Maddy Charles, Maisie Socha and Brenda Mendoza-Bahena were the other upperclassmen on the team. 

Two freshman, Tessa Peters and Kiana Nguyen, teamed up to compete for Preble at #1 doubles. Despite their lack of experience, they managed to win five doubles matches. The other freshman Sophia Renier and the sophomores Adrianna Schoenebeck, and Lana Vang, and Patricia Guzman rounded out the squad. S. Renier was great in singles while Schoenebeck and Vang were at the #2 doubles spot for most of the season. Guzman and Mendoza Bahena were varsity alternates and played both singles and doubles.

As the season went on, team spirit and overall improvement were stated as their favorite things about the season by team members. Coach Schubring believes, “The team worked hard, had fun and is committed to doing the off-season work needed to break into the top half of the conference or better in 2022.” The additional coaches leading the team include Ross Mollet, JV Head Coach, and Preble strength coach, Ty Kraynik. The athletic trainers were also key in keeping team members playing when they battled injuries like shin splints.

Overall, the girls tennis team had a successful season, as shown by their major improvements across the season.