When It All Comes Down To It: Episode 1

Simone Brown, Creative Writer

When It All Comes Down To It

EP 1.

The flowers of tomorrow blow with today’s breeze…The flowers of tomorrow?…The doesn’t seem right. ❁flowers❁




date unknown

partly cloudy



Today we sit in the Field. The flowers swaying in the breeze. Everything is carrying on like normal. Not a danger today. A few weeks ago, the Future terrorists came and took my brother away. No danger to the community, but you can’t say the same to my brother. 

I don’t even know what he did wrong. He was just picking flowers, the role that this stupid Government gave us: picking flowers and  staying inside our territory. Why is it that we are the only ones who follow the rules? I heard some news a few weeks ago that more of the civilizations are fighting against the government. I asked mom about it; she said to just forget about it and get back to picking the flowers. I hate the flowers. The only thing they are good for is looking pretty, and I’m starting to believe that fact is now false. We have so much more potential. Like, we could maybe think for ourselves once. Maybe if that happens, we can finally stop picking flowers.

This story is episode one of a series. A new episode will be posted each issue. Stay tuned!