Column: Good Gossip Girl


Good Gossip Girl

Hey there Hornets,  you want to hear the latest buzz? Yours truly, Gossip Girl, is here with the honey for your tea. Apparently, we have some hungry hornets buzzing around the school and some good Samaritans here to help. Yesenia gave up a breakfast bar to a famished friend in advisory and Elise Smith gave a pretzel to someone as well. Generosity is the most fabulous accessory.

Freshman, Jada Raeder, received a great shout out. Word in the hall is that she finished an assignment early. She noticed another student that might benefit from an assist. Without any prompting from the teacher, Jada pulled up a chair and helped her fellow student. That is awesome, Jada!

I talk a lot about good deeds but sometimes I hear about heroes! Ben Rowell and Payton Kuehn are definitely hornet heroes! There was a mouse on the loose! You guys, they caught it! I guess the little furry fella put up quite a fight too! No worries about Mickey though, they safely released him.

 Anybody interested in a little teacher talk? I’m always curious what they are up to. Let’s dig in! One student told me that Mr. Bader always greets his students by name when they enter the room and follows up with kind parting words whenever they leave. That’s super cool, Mr. Bader! Mrs. Wolf got a shoutout for doing an awesome job working with physical science students, even if they aren’t in her class! Her name came up again when someone caught Mr. Gallert letting her know that her work is appreciated. It really is, Mrs. Wolf! Preble appreciates you!

Some anonymous kindness crusaders made their way into my inbox, too. Someone helped out a student after they took a tumble down the stairs, another student handed in some air pods, and an anonymous teacher helped a student pick up their spilled backpack. Nice! I wish I had the names of these great people so I could give them a proper shout out. Maybe next month! Keep the good gossip coming. Good gossip is what the good hornets crave!


Good Gossip Girl