Netflix Reviews


Angelina Zerillo, Writer


If you are looking for a great show to watch that is suspenseful and somewhat of a science fiction series to watch, then Squid Games is the show for you! Squid Games is a new Netflix show where hundreds of contestants get strapped into playing kids games to win the big cash prize, but little do they know, the games could result in an unwanted circumstance or even a deadly situation.

Contestants play six different games for six different rounds, and each of these rounds have a time limit. The first game is red light green light, the next game consists of seeing if you can cut a shape out of a cookie, the third game is tug of war, the fourth is marbles, the fifth is the glass tile game, and finally, the final game is the squid game.

Round One: Red light, Green Light

What happens in the game red light, green light is when the statue of the little girl is singing the squid game song, you run. When the music stops and the statue yells green light, you have to stop. If you do not stop you die, even if you only move a tiny bit. You pass the first round once you reach the line. 

Round Two: Honey Comb 

In the second round, the game honeycomb appears, and you have to pick a shape, either an umbrella, a triangle, a square or a circle. If you make even one mistake on tracing out the cookie, you die. To pass the round you have to cut out the cookie perfectly.

Round Three: Tug Of War

During this third round, you have ten minutes to pick player to be on your team. Once tug of war begins, two teams are randomly picked at a time. When your team gets picked, you take off your shoes and then you play tug of war until the other teams falls off and dies. 

Round Four: Marbles

In the fourth round, the game is marbles. For this game, you get to pick your partner. Once you pick your partner, you are brought into a room where they have 30 minutes to play games against your partner. Whichever partner gets all 20 marbles, which consists of your own ten marbles and your partner’s 10 marbles, wins. Then, the opposite partner dies.

Round Five: Glass Tile

In the glass tile game you first pick a vest. Once you are taken into the game playing area, you line up. There is tempered glass and regular glass. If you step on the wrong glass, you fall through and die. To pass this game, you have to make it to the other side of the glass bridge.  

Round Six: Squid Game

This is the final game. On the floor is an outline of a squid, and the final two people compete against each other. To win this final game you have to push the other person out of the squid, or you can just kill them. Once you do this you have to make it to the top of the squid, and then you win.