Fun Activities for Fall


Lexi Knight, Writer

Activities to Occupy your Time in the Fall:

  1. Visit a campground for the weekend (typically campgrounds have fall activities planned).
  2. Go on a hike, and view the unique scenery outdoors.
  3. Go to the zoo, and experience any activities they might have.
  4. If you like thrilling experiences, then try a haunted house!
  5. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  6. Buy some pumpkins to carve scary faces with your friends and family.
  7. If you have spare wood and twigs from doing yard work, you can make a cozy bonfire in your backyard. Bond with your friends and family over s’mores!
  8. If you’re into photography, you could take a special photoshoot outside with the lovely, warm- colored fall aesthetic.
  9. Or, you could even have a Halloween themed photoshoot, accompanied by friends!
  10. Make some fall treats, like caramel apples!

Comment and let us know what you plan to try this fall season!