Formula Student USA Needs More Members!


Lucky Vang, Photographer and Writer

Formula Student USA is a small club at Preble looking for more students to join! It currently consists of only three members and one pending member. At first, many people may think this club is boring because they think that we are running slow go karts (like the ones at amusement parks), but Formula Student is the complete opposite! We run V Twin cars that you can get sideways with, push your limits with, and has a top speed of at least 60 miles per hour.

Here is a small video on us having fun with the cars:

We only have TWO very important rules: safety is our number one rule, and the second rule is that you only drive the cars if you work on the cars. We run the cars at race tracks, such as Road America, and have also run them in the school parking lot for practice or testing. We currently have two cars: S1 and P2. S1 is the stock class and has 16 horsepower, no suspension, and a direct drive transmission. P2 is the prototype class and has 28 horsepower, suspension, a CVT transmission, fuel injection, and drilled and slotted brakes from a Honda civic.

This is a very fun club and we can’t wait to have more members join! If you’re interested in joining, Contact Chris Pirlot at (920) 680-6166 or [email protected] 

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