Letters from a Senior

Dear Underclassmen,

Here are some pieces of advice from yours truly for each year. If you are curious, I have taken many different classes and been in many extracurricular activities, while working a part-time job and volunteering. Here are things I wish I would I have known about my year.

Freshman Year

  • Take things easy! Balance out your work-life balance, so you know how to maintain in the future.
  • Dedicate time to your mental health! Exercise often, sleep well, and meditate or pray frequently.
  • Focus on what you can control! Is it in your control? No? Don’t stress about it.
  • Join differing clubs and sports! Try things out and give them a chance for two weeks. If you like them, stick with them.
  • Look into opportunities available for the next few years and take note of interests. Try Brown County Youth Leadership
  • In February (or sooner), reach out to the groups you are interested for in the sophomore year. Try groups like Academic Decathlon!
  • We have a Link Crew for freshmen! Use your Leaders as a resource- ask questions about anything and everything.

Sophomore Year

  • This year, you have choices on classes! My advice: make a list. You need a math, science, English, and social studies full credit; you also need a gym half-credit. This leaves you with many elective spaces! If you can’t decide which to take, make a list. I recommend a foreign language, as many colleges require two- to four years of experience. You have two and a half credits to fill with electives!
  • Try to pursue some leadership opportunities in clubs you have been in.
  • Reach out to your counselors with questions about anything and everything!
  • Start gathering some community service hours as soon in the year as you can. We have tutoring and aid opportunities in school, but also pursue service hours outside of school.
  • Pull together resumes for any job interests you may have- I recommend only working 15 to 20 hours a week tops, save your hours for the weekends if you can help it.
  • Reach out to freshmen friends… they can become senior pals.
  • In February, preparing service hours and other paperwork so you can apply to special groups if you’re interested! (Such as NHS or Link Crew)

Junior Year

  • This is the year! Start contemplating your future: military, college, workforce? Do a little research and some shadowing to see if this is what you want.
  • Prepare early for the PSAT and ACT! We have the ACT app avaliable on Classlink- use it! It’s helpful.
  • If you can fit it, I recommend taking your last gym and PFL credits this year before you hit senior slump.
  • Look into scholarships! (I recommend the Constitutional Oratorical, personally). Don’t stress- just plan ahead with deep breaths.
  • Leadership roles would be great this year, but don’t overload yourself. If you even just gently lead underclassmen by example, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.
  • Mental health is very important this year! Take time to care for yourself! Oh, and avoid the drama- it’s not worth it, I promise.
  • Enjoy the junior prom! Eat tasty food, wear nice-looking things, and dance the night away! It’s worth the ticket price and will leave you remembering it years later.
  • Take someone under your wing! Freshman in your music class? They’re now your sibling- protect them like a hangry teenager protects a slice of pizza.

Overall, my last advice I will ever give anyone: love yourself, love others, and care for everyone. Take care of your mind and spirit- that’s what matters the most. High school is so short (cliche, I know), but it will sprint past you if you let it.