Editors’ Farewell



I have been honored to be the newspaper editor for two years and have been honored to get to know our peers and staff at a deeper level. While I am sad that it is time to move on, I’d like to leave a few guiding principles I have learned in the areas of journalism, writing, and leading.

  • I reiterated this to my writers often: NEWS IS NEWS. If you are writing an informative article, evade including your opinion or any strong-toned words that add a negative or positive connotation to the writing.
  • If you need ideas for articles, listen around you! If a peer mentions an event or a piece of information, ask them further questions.
  • When writing, focus on the “W questions”: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. These questions are “leading” questions and will guide further questions that will be more in-depth.
  • If editing an article for someone else, first check the requirements for the writing (if provided)

Thank you to everyone who took time to read our paper editions! As I edited the articles I laughed, I cried, I contemplated. I hope that these articles inspired you to SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT. I intend to see more of this in the future. And, I encourage you, if you are passionate about writing- pursue it! The worst that could ever happen is that you get writer’s block. I will miss our Buzz but am so glad we were able to continue. Thank you to all our supporting teachers and students, our staff, Allison Younk (next year’s editor), Mrs. Nieman (the advisor), and all of our readers.

~ Alexis Peterson, class of 2021



People of Preble,

I have been in the Buzz for two years and editor for one of them. It’s been a run guys. Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoyed this school year’s paper. I really encourage anyone and everyone to join next year! We have an amazing staff and a completely awesome editor. All you have to do is write! I shall bid you all adieu and wish everyone luck in the next school year, wherever that may be. Happy writing!

~Autumn Larsen, class of 2021