Book Review – We Were Liars

Autumn Larsen, Co-Editer


“If anyone asks you how it ends, just lie.



We live, at least in the summertime, on a

PRIVATE ISLAND off the coast of Massachusetts.


Perhaps that is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.


Except that some of us are liars.”

We Were Liars is a book written by E. Lockhart. It starts out as a normal story then, it changes. Cady Sinclair-Eastman is from a powerful, blonde, wealthy family. And I mean owns-a-private-island wealthy. Each summer, the family patriarch and his three daughters and various grandkids, Cady included, live a rich existence. Cady has two cousins her age and a boy that comes with that is also her age. They call themselves the Liars. Each summer is fun-filled with exciting summer things until summer fifteen. In the middle of summer fifteen, Cady found herself on a beach not remembering anything and doesn’t remember the rest of summer fifteen. Cady spends the next summer not at the island and comes back the summer after that. Cady asks her family what happened in summer fifteen, but no one will tell her. What happened in summer fifteen? What happened?


I tremendously enjoyed this book. It was a real page turner figuring out what happened. That’s all I have to say, otherwise I would have to lie. This book is something I would recommend to anybody. Including you guys! So happy reading!