The Stigma of Mental Health in Youth

Mental Health is Valid

Diana Bonilla, Writer

More often than not, individuals with mental health are stigmatized and discriminated against. It isn’t any easier for young people that grow up in a society that casts aside the value of mental health. It is then that young people that struggle with a mental illness self-stigmatize, where the individual grows hesitant to seek treatment. It is very common for people to associate mental health in youth with laziness, rebellion, or a simple phase, but the truth of the fact is, mental health is valid.  The life of a young individual consists of balancing school and social life, both mentally exhausting tasks, there should not be any guilt or shame therefore in reaching out for help, by taking a mental day off or talking to a therapist. A young generation of tomorrow, generations to come, and those of the past all deserve to be treated with the utmost respect in order to nurture for an understanding society. The first- but significant- step can be made to de-stigmatize mental illnesses; by being aware and empathic of each others’ mental well-being.


Advocating Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace | workingwise

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