Spring Play Production: Showtime!


Autumn Larsen, Co-Editer

Hey everyone! The Party Hop is coming to you soon! This year’s play will be about three college girls named Ava, Emma, and Nancy. They are three years into quarantine and are hopping through several different virtual parties, joining one meeting to the next. During the night, two of the girls find out that the other has not had her first kiss yet! They decide that tonight is the night that changes. Unfortunately, due to their given circumstance, they can’t, so they dream on. The play will consist of eight people in the cast, including Ashlee DeGrave (Sophomore), Sofia Olderman (Senior), Kiyana Horkman (Senior), Carter Barnard (Senior), Marissa Blazer (Junior), Libbie Pelishek (Sophomore), Christiana Thurston (Freshman), Jenna Zehms (Junior), and Student Director Jenessa VanCalster (Junior), with a variety of people in different crews.

The show is fortunate to use the streaming service, ON THE STAGE, which focuses on streaming theatrical productions. The Party Hop tickets are available to be watched between Friday May 7 at 7:00 pm through Saturday May 08 07:00 pm CDT. Tickets will be $7. Tickets are open for purchasing now. You can purchase them on the On The Stage website with the link below.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!