Ask a Senior: April Edition


Happy April, everyone!

Alexis and Autumn are returning with our third installation of the “Ask a Senior” forum, where upperclassmen answer underclassmen questions! Let’s get rolling.

  1. Is being a Senior stressful?

          Alexis: This one’s a tricky one to answer! I’d say that it depends on what kind of student you are and what kind of schedule you have. For me, I personally don’t find it too stressful because I got a lot of my college paperwork and applications out of the way and am now focused on studying. I think it helps that I practice breathing exercises and growing in my spiritual beliefs- both of which are recommended by psychologists to maintain good mental balance. Ironically, I have found quarantine and pandemic time to be relieving because it gave me time to learn these practices. Some may be stressed about AP exams, college applications, or just life in general, but it’s important to take time to be grounded in your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to ensure less stress in your life. This is advice I’d give to anyone of any age!

          Autumn: Haha! That seriously depends on who you are. Some seniors are in a total state of senioritis. Some are very focused on their studies. I personally think my senior year has been an easier year, despite you know, the pandemic. Some seniors take a lot of AP classes and some take super easy classes. It all depends on your journey and mindset. I was able to pick classes I wanted to take this year where I didn’t really have as much freedom before. I had all of my core classes and orchestra was a must-have for me so that took up some of my schedule. When I was an underclassman I just focused on the classes I needed to take and what was a good idea to take like world language classes then, as I got older I could do more of the things I wanted. But to answer your question from my perspective, no, being a senior was/is not hard.

      2. What should I start doing now that you wished you did earlier?

          Alexis: I can’t emphasize this enough: practice good balance in everything! I didn’t focus much on my mental health and tried to cram in a part-time job with full-time school, community service, and extracurriculars, atop running year-round. This was all fine except that I never took time to relax, which hurt my mental health quite a bit. Please, please, please take time to meditate,pray (if you follow a religion), and spend time with mentors. I’d also have to say: thank your mentors! I was so fortunate to have amazing mentors at Preble and I’m sure (if you thought about it for a minute) you do too. Thank them for their time, efforts, kindness, and their willingness to share their lives with you. I promise that you will never regret it. Thank you, mentors- you know who you are.

          Autumn: I wish I had taken the chance to do more classes that challenged me. I was scared to do that and to actually do work than just breeze through my classes. Time management is also really important to have. Make time for your school assignments but also make time for yourself and other things to do besides school. I already had this my whole schooling career but I know many people struggle with it. So my suggestions to you and everyone would be to take classes that may challenge you a little and work on having amazing time management skills. If you or anyone else needs help on what to do or how to go about something, let me know!

      3. What is your favorite memory as a senior? What was the best day of your high school experience? What was the worst day of your high school experience?

          Alexis: My favorite memory as a senior? Oh my… that’s a tricky question! I’ve enjoyed my senior year and owe so many people thanks. I really enjoyed introducing our freshman class into the school on our first day- my group has been nothing short of phenomenal and I can’t appreciate them enough. I also enjoyed running with my cross-country team (thanks, Coach Haller and Soukup!). It was humbling being in Academic Decathlon (thanks, Mr. Kendall and Mrs. Kreuser), I also love being editor of our newspaper (thanks, Mrs. Nieman), and being a tutor (thanks, Mr. Pannier and the NHS!). I’m humbled by all these opportunities and it’s so hard to pick one! My favorite thing about this year was that I got to help others in many ways and met some incredible people in the process.

“Best day” of my high school experience? Oh dear, where to begin? I am so thankful for every opportunity I have been given. If I had to pick a “best”, it would be the upcoming graduation ceremony. This will be a time for myself (and lots of my peers in the 2021 graduating class) to reflect on our growth and changes as a person, external and internal. It will be the end of high school, but also the beginning of adulthood.

Worst day is difficult. I definitely have to say that there are really great days and sometimes days that definitely could use some rainbows. I was so sad to hear about Mrs. Holub and that Monday off was difficult for many of my friends and peers in the music hallway. For those who didn’t know Mrs. Holub, she was amazing! She was always so passionate and her eyes literally glittered when she spoke about Preble, her students, or anything related to music. I am an orchestra student but knew her from walking past her class every day. For those who are still grieving, take time to grieve. But, also take time to go for walks, sing a happy song, and smile. I can say with certainty that is what she would have wanted. If you need to talk, reach out to Student Services, they can help you through the grief process. I am also available if you need anything, just ask!

          Autumn: Favorite memory, favorite memory. Hmmm. Since this year was not the same and I was just home every day, I have different memories than in the years past. So, at the moment it would be just having connections with certain teachers. Having teachers that make me smile every day and yeah, that would be a good memory of my senior year. Everyone just trying their best and just enjoying class despite it being on a screen for most of it. I will definitely look forwards to being in an almost full orchestra with my friends and orchestra buddies.

Best day?? How in the world do I answer that one? There are so many days piled into 4 years! I will have to say anytime I was happy. Anytime I laughed or smiled big. Whether it was in class or at an extracurricular activity. They range from being in class and having teachers that are funny and passionate about their job to being in orchestra class and going to different rooms for the different sections to “practice” (and actually practice too, of course) their parts to being in the musical and doing the bows, making/painting something that I’m proud of, tech week with long nights and fun moments. There’s a lot.

Worst day. Hmm. Bad days don’t come often. Losing Ms. Holub sucked though. I’ve known her since my freshman year, doing musicals with her and others. I will forever be grateful to her for having me join the musical family. She was a sweet, kind, and joyous soul. But other than that, bad days don’t come often. A lot more this year than usual because of all of the things I missed my senior year. Like musical and spring play traditions, the multiple orchestra concerts, field trips, or just a simple joyous classroom. Oh, I also am not a fan of how close graduation is coming for me. While others may be excited to leave, I’m not. I’ve always loved going to school. The next step is exciting too, don’t get me wrong but, I’ve always had that feeling of… not enjoying the thought of graduation. It’s a little intimidating for me especially because I am the first child and the oldest of my cousins that I’m closer to within my family. I’ll be the first one!

We brought up some grieving topics, such as our school’s loss of Ms. Holub and having mental health struggles. If you believe you are facing challenges with these difficult topics or are suffering in your mental health, please reach out to mental health resources. We are here for you!