Processing Grief: The Loss of Our Choir Teacher

We at the Preble Buzz newspaper were disheartened to hear of the loss of beloved choir teacher, Ms. Sara Holub.

Ms. Holub was affectionately known for being very warm-hearted and generous with her time. She dedicated all of her time and energy to care for students inside and outside of her classroom, acting as a mentor to anyone and everyone. While she was the choir teacher, she was also a dear friend, colleague, and counsel for any of the school staff at Preble High School. This is something she will be missed for, atop her endless energy and dedication to students of any and all ages.

Today, Preble High School’s doors are open to students and staff, so that they may come and mourn together. If you need anything, please reach out to the Student Services.

Ms. Holub passed early Friday morning due to health complications. She was larger-than-life and will be missed very dearly by every student and staff.

Thank you, Mrs. Holub, for being such an incredibly kind, compassionate, generous, and guiding mentor, colleague, teacher, and friend to all you met. May you rest in peace.