Careers: Becoming a Financial Analyst

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Kyle Haas, a financial analyst for a large local company. A financial analyst must be very numbers-focused and be capable of using spreadsheets. Mr. Haas provided the insight below:

1.What is the biggest stigma you’ve heard regarding your career?

My biggest stereotype I have heard was that the financial field is nothing but composed of nay-sayers. I am often told I diss on people’s dreams. But, this isn’t because I want to, it’s because I have to answer to investors, customers, and clients. If they are unhappy because of the incorrect finances, it will hurt the company’s reputation. I am here for legal purposes, despite being in the financial industry.

2. What do your job duties include?

My job is both inventorying and financial forecasting. In inventory duties, I analyze the totals and insure their validity, essentially “double-checking” the inventories provided by the resources. Using those values, I also forecast how many products can be produced using the number of raw materials, which is why I double-check the inventories for those material counts.

3. What education brought you to this career?

I actually do not have a formal education in that field of study! I attended university for Dental Hygiene, but chose not to pursue that field of employment. Despite this, I highly recommend pursuing a formal education, because you will progress more quickly. I recommend pursuing a M.B.A. or C.P.A. in Accounting- this will give you an upper-hand.

4. What is the best part of your job?

The best part of this job is that there are no right answers- my job is prediction. I have to reduce the “ifs” of any situation and get the closest and most accurate estimate.

5. What has changed pre- versus post-pandemic?

Nothing has actually changed- I am blessed with the fact that this job is already at home, so I’ve had time to spend with my wife, Jen Haas (mentioned in Careers: Becoming a Marketer), and our children.

6. What is you favorite memory from this job?

My favorite was discovering a miscalculation done by a colleague- this mistake cost our company a lot of money! When I found it, I fixed the calculations in four days and may have potentially saved our client.

Thank you, Mr. Kyle Haas, for taking time to speak with me regarding your fascinating career as a financial analyst!