Freshman Link Crew Hybrid Tours


Autumn Larsen and Juana Garcia Razo

Upon the return of going hybrid at Preble High, there was much talk about what to do for freshmen. In previous years a group called “Link Crew” would give tours on the first day of school. That didn’t happen this year since Preble started virtually.

After many discussions and behind the scene work, Preble’s Link Crew was able to give tours to the freshman at the start of both cohorts. Link Crew is a group at Preble dedicated to helping freshmen. They have a summer orientation before the school year starts and a tour on the first day of school. Link Leaders consist of high achieving Juniors and Seniors. They are available for freshmen throughout the year for academic help or otherwise.

This year they were not able to do the orientation or the first day of school tours so in replace, Link Leaders would go into freshmen advisory once a month and do various activities with them. Such as healthy study habits and getting to know each other activities. Upon the return to in-person school, Link Leaders went in for a training day to prepare for the tours.

On the first days of returning, there were leaders who helped freshmen to their advisory classes and then all leaders did an activity and gave tours of the school. Autumn Larsen, a Link Leader, said, “I was one of the leaders that was stationed at the Fieldhouse entrance to guide freshmen to their advisory. There were a lot of scared faces and a lot of excited faces. It was rejuvenating to be able to help freshmen navigate the school. For most of them, it was first time stepping foot into the school.”

Here is what Juana, a freshman, had to say about her experience:

March 1st, 2021 was the day that- after almost a year- freshmen went back into the building to start in-person learning back up again. Since we were transferring from middle school into a whole new building, it was almost as if it was September once again. All teachers and Link Crew members were so nice and made the first day back at school really comfortable. I personally was very nervous but once I walked in, that feeling washed away as I saw that the upperclassmen and teachers were going around helping students get to their advisory classes. It was easier to distinguish the Link Crew Leaders since they were wearing yellow clothes to stand out and were offering their help to everyone who was entering the building. Once it was time to start the tour, the Link Crew member that took us through the school, introduced herself, and tried making small talk with everyone. She was willing to answer any questions we had about the school as best she could. There wasn’t much talking since it felt a little awkward with my classmates and everyone seemed nervous and uncomfortable. As we were walking through the hallways, other groups and leaders were also going through the school as we were. They all seemed really enthusiastic about freshmen being in the building and giving the tours. The most confusing part of the school was probably the stairs and hallways, but once I had the tour and was done with my day, I felt more confident about how to get to my classes and what routes to take to get there.