Book Review: Amber House


Autumn Larsen, Co-Editer

Amber House is a book in a trilogy by Kelly Moore and her daughters, Larkin and Tucker Reed. This book follows the character, Sarah Parsons, as she explores and discovers her way through the book.

Sarah’s grandmother passes away and leaves a house to her family that has been in her family lineage for more than 10 generations. It’s so old, it has a name: Amber House. She has to move there with her 5-year old brother. She soon discovers that she can see echoes of the house’s past. Little snippets here and there as she touches certain items or enters certain rooms.

Amber House is a young adult paranormal mystery novel with a twist of romance. I like this book because it is very intriguing, and I personally like family history-type books. I definitely would suggest reading this because it gets you excited and makes you constantly say, “just one more chapter.” Since it is a trilogy, there is a second book called Neverwas, and it follows the story in Amber House. One thing I don’t like about this trilogy is that there is no third book, hopefully, “yet” and not “never”.  But don’t be discouraged! It’s still worth the read.