Careers: Becoming an Auditor

I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Jordyn Herzog, an auditor at Appleton’s office for Grant Thorton. She took time to answer several of my questions regarding this career. I certainly hope that my peers would consider such a great job!

1.What interested you in this career?

I was most interested by the social aspects and the mathematical aspects. In the career, I work often with number values, as I assist with stock market values and ensure the inventories and price estimates are accurate. I also get the opportunity to speak with many different clients, from both larger and smaller businesses, public and private.

2. What did your education into this look like?

Funnily enough, I actually entered college to study to become a physician’s assistant. But, I discovered Accounting and decided to pursue that degree instead.

4. What challenges do you face with this job?

I work 60 hours a week and it is often looked down upon not to work that many hours as a minimum. However, despite having 12 hour work days, I am quite busy and the days pass by quickly!

5. What are you favorite parts of the job?

I have worked at Grant Thorton for five years, so I definitely don’t hate it, haha! I like how challenging the job is, you never stop learning because there are different scenarios every day. I also really appreciate the social aspect of getting to speak with both clients and coworkers. I also enjoy the fact that I get to move both in- and out-of-state to help with the stock analysis.

6. What is your favorite memory of this job?

My favorite memory was the opportunity to go to the UK. “The opportunity to go to the United Kingdom, working over there was the highlight of my career and life.” I got to go over there for a few months and learn the different processes that they use in the English system versus the American system.

7. What does your job look like, post-pandemic?

Nowadays, we work at home, which used to be looked down upon but now is a regular occurrence. Traveling is less common, and we now use Zoom or other means of communication between ourselves and clients.

8. What is the most valuable insight you have for students aspiring to this career?

The most valuable insight I have to provide is, firstly, to take the CTA (Certification exam) before you try to take a full-time job, as the exam is very intensive and requires a lot of studying. You should also know that “you’re not going to know everything, you will always be learning”. Even after five years, I still don’t know every single thing.

Thank you, Ms. Herzog, for taking time out of your busy day to speak with me regarding your fascinating career.